Terms and Conditions

For the use of this website and other services of this website, are the terms and conditions of Laurafreestyle applicable. By placing an order at the webshop, you agree to these terms and conditions.

The webshop ensures that the order is carried out after the payment has been received. The ordered products will be send to the customer.

The risk of shipping and the shipping costs will be for the customer. This is also applicable for returns of products.

Since the pictures are digital displayed. We cannot guarantee our pictures to display all colors with 100% accuracy.

Prices and terms of payment
All prices are listed in Euro and all prices include VAT (21%).

The price listed on the website at the purchase time is the price applicable. Price increases and changes in the range can happen without warning.

Customers can pay by bank transfer.

Delivery and shipping rate
Shipping of the goods will be by post to the delivery address stated by the Customer. The customer will bear the shipping risks. The webshop is not responsible for this.

We have free shipping for international orders over €125,-.

We will ship out your order after receiving the payment within approx 7-20 working days. We are not responsible for any delay.

Exceeding the delivery term gives the customer no right to a compensation or the right to cancel the order. When exceeding the delivery time the customer will be informed by email about the expected delivery time.

We ship to the following countries :

  • Austria : €12,10
  • Belgium: €10,89
  • Cyprus : €19,36
  • Germany : €12,10
  • Estonia : €19,36
  • Finland : €14,52
  • France : €12,10
  • Greece : €19,36
  • Ireland : €14,52
  • Italy : €12,10
  • Latvia : 19,36
  • Lithuania : €19,36
  • Luxemburg : €12,10
  • Malta : €19,36
  • Netherlands : €6,05
  • Portugal : €14,52
  • Slovenia : €19,36
  • Slovakia : €19,36
  • Spain : €14,52

If you are not at home at the time of delivery, they might leave your package outside your door. We do not take responsibility for missing packages.

In case the shipping company returns the dispatched goods to the seller because they could not be delivered to the customer, the customer will be liable for the costs of an unsuccessful shipment.

The webshop is not responsible for misunderstandings, damage, delays or miscommunications between the webshop and customer.

Additional custom duties and taxes
For shipments outside EU, please note that there might be an additional fee for customs, import duties or taxes when the package reaches your destination country. You as the customer are responsible to pay these additional costs if they occur.

If you have to return the goods we cannot give a refund of any customs, import duties or taxes paid outside of EU.

Returns of products.
If there is anything wrong with the product you purchased or you are not happy with it, you can return the product and get a refund.

Requirements return:

  • The item must be in the same exact condition when you return it as it was when you received it. We will not approve any returns of used or dirty items.
  • The products have to be returned with the original tags, if not. We can’t accept your return.
  • Products have to be returned within 14 days after you received it.
  • The product must have been purchased from our webshop and not from a retailer.
  • Please get in contact with us before you return the products. We will send you a return document which has to be send with the products.

If you do not satisfy these requirements, we cannot accept the returned product/s and we cannot return the money.

Please note, we will not refund the shipping fee which was charged when placing the order. So, for returning items, the shipping costs will not be covered by us. The shipping risks are for the customer. We do not take responsibility for lost items

In case of returning an order for a refund, please note we do not take responsibility for any currency changes and will refund the same amount that we received.

When we receive your return, we will handle your refund/within 14 working days.

Incomplete or defect packages
The risk of loss or damage of items that are subject of the agreement, shall pass to the customer at the time the products are surrendered to the delivery service. The webshop is no longer liable for any loss or damage to the products.

The webshop guarantees that each delivered product meets the normal requirements of reliability and usability.

There can be no warranty if the wear can be regarded as normal and further in the following cases:

  • If there are changes in or to the product have been made, including repairs that are not carried out with the consent of the webshop.
  • If the original invoice can not be produced, is changed or made illegible.
  • If damage is caused by intent, gross negligence or negligent maintenance.

The webshop will only process the data of the customer in accordance with the privacy policy.